Gleaming with glitter,

His skin made time stand still.

Gleaming with glitter,

His energy gave my soul something to feel.

Something emotions alone can’t derive from,

He has a heart made of gold.

Deep in his spirit is where my darkness is being dragged to,

He yearns to show me his light with my body to hold.

In the darkness where the candles flicker and the silence is heard,

And where our bodies play on clouds,

My depths are his,

His everything is mine.

I kiss his demons,

And I have nothing to hide.


What I’m Listening To Pt. 3

Love it..and love you!

Black Girl New Continent

Here’s what I’ve been listening to. Some of it’s new, some of it is old.

Whatever it is, I hope there’s something you like

 Happy Listening!


Ellie Goulding — Love Me Like You Do


Beyonce — 7/11

Because I know you care

Coldplay — Miracles 

City & Colour — Sleeping Sickness 

Little Dragon — Sunshine

Shout out to my homies back home

Gwen Stefani — Baby Don’t Lie

She’s baaaack

D’Angelo — Really Love 

As John Mayer said it: ‘Thank you, D’Angelo.’ This album is amazing

Hozier — From Eden

I’m calling it. He’s going to blowwww up (even though he’s already big time)  Seriously people, familiarize yourself with this man. His music ‘style’ is eclectic (my kinda man) and his voice is phenomenal. And he looks pretty damn good as well. 

Sia — Elastic Heart

I’ve been obsessed with Maddie Ziegler since Ron showed me Sia’s Chandelier video….WATCHING HER…

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You know what absolutely kills my heart nowadays more than ever? It’s the lack of passion. The lack of passion that I hear, see, and FEEL from my fellow humans.

You guys, passion is what draws our emotions out..passion is what leads us to our destinies, what leads us to our true loves, and most importantly leads us to ourselves. Our true selves. PASSION is what gives us VISION, gives us the drive to fulfill that vision..and what I love about passion the most is that it really allows us to connect with one another, even strangers, on some wild, out of this world plane of understanding that we cannot explain. So why are we so afraid of this?

Today while answering the phones at work, I had a man thank me so passionately just for transferring his call..he said it with honest gratitude. And not only did I hear it in his voice, I felt the “thank you” through the phone as a feeling..It was amazing. He was focused on the conversation at hand, and so in the moment. And I sat there in awe. I told myself, “this is what I’ve been missing. This is what the WORLD is missing.” I was so thankful for his passion, I couldn’t wait to pay it forward.

A few minutes later as I’m scrolling on Instagram, I couldn’t help but start to get a little irritated. At first I didn’t know why, and so I kept scrolling, then it hit me: I see the same things and pictures every day on this damn thing. And what made it worse, I am no better!! But the real answer as to why I was feeling irritated for the continuous scrolling and repeated posts, was that this whole superficial social-media world lacks passion!! Yes, I understand, a good amount of people use apps like such to project their passions, and advertise themselves – hell, I do the same thing. It’s a good tactic. Yet, I can’t help but feel responsible for my fellow brothers and sisters in the depths of my empathetic soul..and have this need to smack them around a little bit and tell them forget the social media!! Forget the filters and forget the attention for just a little less a week.. find some time to quiet your mind and find or create what really makes you smile! Find the good things that make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!! Find the things that give you chills and almost tears to your eyes when you close your eyelids and picture you in this visualization!! That picture is YOU! This is where your heart and soul derive!! How can you deny your self of such things!!

And when you find this passion, you will feel yourself become more passionate with every waking moment of the day.. you’re in love with your life

I’m pretty sure I have given this advice before.

Put down the fast food, put down the cellphone, breathe in that beautiful oxygen (did you forget you’re breathing?!), feel your heart beat, and be in your dream – make your dream be YOU.

Love you all.